Brighton Pier Group has written off £8.1m due to the pandemic, much of it related to its bars division.

The costs mostly result from non-cash impairments of goodwill, property, plant and equipment and right-of-use assets relating to eight sites in the bars division (£7.2m) and one site in the golf division.

The Luke Johnson chaired group reported full year revenues were down 41% to 22.6m in 2020.

Group EBITDA was down 48% to £2.5m.

Loss after highlighted items was £10.2m, from a profit 2.7m in 2019.

Writing in his report, Johnson said: “It is profoundly disappointing to me that the government continues with its failing strategy of lockdowns. The collateral damage from these restrictions and the fear being promoted by the authorities are having a catastrophic impact on our way of life. The loss of jobs, toll on mental health, harm to education, the national finances and treatment of other illnesses will cause vastly more hardship than the virus itself.

“I believe that the government and their scientific advisors at SAGE need to change course and focus on protection of the vulnerable, while allowing the majority of the population - who are at low risk from the virus - to resume their normal lives and work, so the country can fund the NHS. Otherwise we are doomed to a never ending cycle of destructive and pointless lockdowns, mass unemployment, suicides, bankruptcies, evictions and economic, cultural and social ruin.”