Wasabi, the 52-strong sushi and bento chain, is eyeing further expansion in the US, with another three sites earmarked for opening in the country next year.

The group, which already operates two site in New York, has already lined up a third opening in the city at the World Trade Center.

The company, which this week opened on the former EAT site in Camden High Street, hopes to add two more in the city before the end of 2017. Its original site in New York, which opened three years ago, is the brand’s most successful.

Group finance director Scott Etherington told The Telegraph: “Once we prove the model in New York, we can look to other [US] cities such as Miami.”

Etherington also touched on the concept’s “universal appeal”.

“Office workers, tourists, commuters, students, families and shoppers, they all come to us for a good meal,” said Etherington. “Whether it’s a suburban branch or a train station, we can be very successful,” he says. “This means there are many opportunities for further expansion in the UK alone.

“When we look for new premises, we’re not just up against Itsu and Pret, we’re now up against American companies like Shake Shack and Five Guys.”

Earlier this month, the chain announced it had partnered with Perkbox, a leading employee engagement platform, to launch a new incentives, rewards and engagement programme for its employees.

Wasabi said it would now provide its staff with free and exclusive access to over two hundred practical and recreational perks.

In October, it secured a new £25m bank loan from HSBC to help it open 20 new sites and develop its flagship 65,000sq ft central processing unit in London’s Park Royal.