Nine out of 10 (91%) vegans often struggle to find grab-and-go food options, according to a new survey by The Vegan Society.

The charity found that although the choices for vegans have “dramatically improved” over the past few years, there was still room for improvement.

It suggested that veganism was a largely untapped market and offered huge opportunities for restaurant owners and investors.

Elena Orde, communications officer at The Vegan Society, said: “Offering vegan food options makes clear commercial sense – businesses are opening the potential market up to not only half a million vegans in Britain, but also to a million more vegetarians, the huge number of meat and dairy reducers, the lactose intolerant, the health-conscious and others who simply enjoy vegan food from time to time.”

The Vegan Society has responded to the challenge for consumers by launching a campaign called Vegan on the Go, which aims to highlight to businesses that veganism is a market trend which is here to stay.

Earlier this month MCA’s director of insight Steve Gotham reported on veganism – one of the UK’s fastest growing lifestyle trends, and why operators should be capitalising on its popularity.

It has been estimated that there are over half a million people in Britain now following a vegan diet and not consuming any animal products – equating to just over 1% of the adult population.

MCA’s Menu Tracker has found that vegan product flags on menus are becoming more commonplace. Back in Spring/Summer 2016, out of the 150 brands being tracked, 23 operators flagged a total of 135 items as suitable for vegans. Fast forward 12 months, and these numbers have increased to 41 brands and 284 products.