Sodexo will target white-collar urban office developments for its new partnership with speciality coffee company Taylor St Baristas, MCA has learnt.

Nicola Morris, divisional managing director and head of food at Sodexo, told MCA the partnership would see a “multi-tiered coffee experience” introduced to tenanted office buildings and other facilities.

The coffee solution will initially be offered at facilities in London, such as corporate headquarters, before moving on to other major cities, such as New York.

Sodexo will continue to offer a range of coffee solutions to clients, with Taylor St Baristas, and the new collaborative specialty concept Chapter & Verse, sitting at the premium end of this range, Morris said.

She told MCA: “We have assessed the business need, and this offer will sit in the top end of our portfolio. It’s been created with a global perspective for urban markets, for knowledge workers, white collar professionals.

“It’s a cultured and curated product range. It’s specifically built for that audience, with a very high grade of coffee bean, with an associated price point – more than you’d usually see in a workplace environment.

“Taylor St Baristas are intimately involved in the deployment, and will help with selection and.

“New business proposals will be for a multi tiered coffee offer. It might be tenanted buildings, it might be buildings with other facilities. It’s a whole experience we are deploying.”