Redemption Roasters, the speciality coffee shop group that works with prisoners, has secured a new site in Broadgate Circle.

The concept, led by Black Sheep Coffee co-founder Max Dubiel, a long-term kiosk at Broadgate Circle. As previosuly reported it will also open a 750sq ft café at the Coals Drop Yard development.

The specialty coffee concept, which trains offenders to become baristas, and has a roastery inside HM Prison Aylesbury, recently raised c£1m to expand.

The two new openings will bring the business to four cafes, not including its roastery, and training centre, with a target to reach eight sites by 2020.

Dubiel told MCA: “On the retail side we are being a little bit careful, as its becoming more of a buyers’ market, so we have to be careful on the leases we sign.

“We are taking on less stores than we originally anticipated, but we hope to have some more news soon.”

Dubiel has previously told MCA the model helped plug a skills gap for baristas – as well as help offenders with training and work.

He said: “The third wave coffee scene is growing quickly, but good baristas are few and far between, they’re very difficult to find.

“Our story is at the heart of what we do, but very few businesses want to talk about the fact they work in prisons, they’re ashamed of it.

“Quite often it’s a win win, especially if you can link it to a business concept on the outside, and can employ people when they come out, because that’s when they are most vulnerable.”