Prescott & Conran is to open the biggest ever site under its Albion café brand, in Clerkenwell.

The site, which opens this month, will comprise multiple dining areas, retail spaces and grab and go counters.

Albion founder, Peter Prescott, said: “Clerkenwell is simply the perfect fit for our newest, and biggest, Albion yet. There’s so much going on in the area from a design perspective, and a rich and long history of craftsmanship and creation. We hope our food, drink and overall ethos will be well received.”

The Clerkenwell site will operate all day and will feature a takeaway counter offer of sandwiches, snacks and hot and cold quick service foods, teas and coffees, plus a juice bar. There will be a grocery shop, cheese and charcuterie corner, pie room and bakery, craft beer and wine shop and an oyster bar. There will also be a separate cocktail bar.