Origin Coffee, the Cornwall-based café operator and coffee roaster, has taken in a bakery site in Exeter, MCA understands.

Origin is converting the Magdalen Road Bakery into an artisan bakery with barista coffee, with a new food offer including sourdough breads, pastries, savoury baked items and toasties.

The food focus marks an evolution for the group, which has previously been focussed on speciality coffee, and is its first venture in Devon. 

Earlier this year, founder Tom Sobey told MCA he hoped to open a new roastery and coffee shop in London with more of a food focus, as well target new locations Bristol, Manchester, Dublin and Glasgow.

He said: “We are ambitious and entrepreneurial so if the right opportunity comes along I don’t think we’d turn it down.

“We are self-funded, there’s no outside investment, and that puts pressure on us to make sure we make the right decisions. We don’t have the luxury of opening ten and closing four because they don’t work. We have to take every opportunity because it financially viable.”

Origin has a mixture of concessions and company owned stores, with its first shop in Porthleven in 2013, and Shoreditch following in 2015. It also runs concessions in The Aircraft Factory in Hammersmith, the British Library in King’s Cross and the Finisterre shop in Bristol.