Grind, the coffee shop, restaurant and bar group, has launched a new charity, the Better Coffee Foundation.

With an aim to begin reversing some of the damage caused by the wider coffee industry, the foundation hopes to take Grind’s sustainability “to the next level”.

The brand was one of the first in the UK to launch certified home-compostable coffee pods as an alternative to the billions of plastic and aluminium pods that end up in landfill.

The Foundation’s first ongoing initiative is working to clean up the waste left by the single-use coffee pods produced by other coffee companies.

Through donations from Grind to the Better Coffee Foundation, the company has committed to removing two coffee pods’ worth of plastic from the ocean for every Grind pod sold - equal to removing more than 100,000 plastic pods from the ocean every day.

With rainwater, wind and floods carrying plastic waste from the land into the oceans, Grind has partnered with CleanHub to collect plastic waste before it can enter the oceans.

The company is funding the recovery of plastic in Kerala, South West India through education, recycling incentives, ocean beach clean-ups and improved recycling infrastructure.

So far the initiative has collected 177,749kg directly from households and businesses in coastal regions; 154,07kg of non-recyclable plastics have been separated from recyclable plastic; and 58,129kg of non-recyclable plastics are used as a fuel source.

Grind founder and CEO David Abrahamovitch said: “This has been a long time in the making and a huge amount of work from the team - so it’s great to finally launch our charity, the Better Coffee Foundation® - to begin reversing some of the damage caused by the wider coffee industry.

“We’ve got big plans for the future of the Foundation, as we look to fund research and development to find ways to further offset the impact of the global coffee industry. We can’t wait to grow the foundation and see what we can achieve with the support of our customers.”