Crussh, the healthy food and juice chain, is in talks to make its transport hub debut later this year, MCA understands.

The company is believed to be in talks with SSP to take a site in Paddington Street Station. It is thought the brand may replace the SSP-owned NamPo unit at the station.

The company told MCA in December that it would prioritise developing partnerships this year, after initial link ups with Sainsbury’s, Debenhams and Everyone Active this year, rather than high street expansion.

Chief executive Shane Kavanagh told MCA the partnerships, which were all launched in the last year, had shown promising results, and had put Crussh’s offer in front of a new customer base.

Kavanagh said: “This year has been a year of exploration where we’ve started lots of partnerships in new markets.

“Sainsbury’s, Debenhams’s and Everyone Active are not traditional high street locations – but all have potential for scale behind them.

“That partnership approach is going to continue to be our focus for the next year. It’s been working out pretty well so far. We want to work with our existing partners to create more of them.

“We have a really solid base of high street stores, but it’s pretty unpredictable out there, so the partnerships are a great way for us to get our product in front of new customers – though we will still do high street stores as well if opportunity come up.”