Matthew Norman in The Guardian Weekend magazine thought on first impressions that the Panoramic on the 34th floor of a new tower block might end Liverpool’s reputation as “a restaurant black hole zone.” But his friend’s John Dory was “devoid of flavour” and his sirloin of beef was a “cataclysm” and he wondered whether punters would be better advised taking in the view from “the bar while ordering in a pizza or Indian takeaway.” The “amateur hour” was made complete by the waiter asking for tips in cash. Norman concludes Liverpool “deserves so much better.” Jasper Gerard in the Daily Telegraph Weekend section visit Arbitus in London’s Soho, part owned by Anthony Demetre who won a Michelin star at Putney Bridge. The reviewer believes the menu is too cheap at £15.50 for three course set lunches considering the restaurant has been “showered” with best newcomer awards since opening two years ago. He says the offering is “classier food than you will find anywhere in Soho” but he finds the “hard polished surfaces” make it a difficult place to relax. Despite Croydon’s reputation for “urban grot” and “chavs”, John Walsh in The Independent Magazine found Le Cassoulet on Selsdon Road “a dream”. Located next to a “bookie’s and a 24/7 DVD rental” store, Walsh says the menu is so French “it practically has little twirly moustaches in zer margins.” He said the food was “cooked with impeccable judgement” and “served without fuss or flap.” He concludes you would be “fortunate” to have “such a place on your own doorstep.” Giles Coren in The Times Magazine has a burger and chips at Byron in Kensington High Street. He says he finds people who say they know where to get the “best hamburger in London” are “dim witted and vain in the extreme.” But he concludes the burger he has at Byron is “about the best burger he has ever had.” Burger, fries and beer for two came in at £30 though. The Guardian 03/05/08 page 64 (Weekend) The Daily Telegraph 03/05/08 page 18 (Weekend) The Independent 03/05/08 page 55 (Magazine) The Times 03/05/08 page 64 (Magazine)