Tossed, the healthy eating grab and go concept, is rolling out internal communications platform Yapster across its estate.

Yapster’s mobile app will allow Tossed employees across 40 sites to keep in touch and stay organised through secure 1-1 and group messages.

The messaging platform is designed for staff to share work news and social posts, while muting and snoozing of notifications aims to protect the work/home balance.

Tossed was the first restaurant of its type in Europe to go cashless in 2016.

Founder Vincent McKevitt said: “We’re still a small company but we’re getting bigger. Since our acquisition of Vital Ingredient, we now have close to 40 locations and over 400 employees.

“One of the things I miss about the early years is going round to every single location and knowing the name of every team member. What I love about Yapster is I can stay connected to my entire team and we can celebrate successes together, even when we’re not actually together. It’s been very well received so far and we’re looking forward to rolling it out across our franchise network in the UK and Dubai soon.”