Tossed, the healthy eating chain, is launching a range of high-tech vending machines to market, after trialling an early version at Chelsea and Westminster hospital, MCA has learnt.

Neil Sebba, business development director at Tossed, presented the latest version of the machines, which will be called Speedy Greens by Tossed, at the Facilities Show last week.

Sebba told MCA the company was now convinced of demand for the innovation, due to customers calls to access Tossed products out of hours, and following interest at the trade show.

The machines, which are made in collaboration with industry leader Aeguana, will be targeted at high footfall, high demand office spaces initially, as well as travel hubs, hospitals and gyms.

Vending a range of familiar Tossed products, the company will restock the machines daily with fresh produce from their kitchens.

Speedy Greens is currently in beta mode, with hopes to put four machines out to market during the coming quarter.

Sebba told MCA after initially launching in September 2018, the focus shifted to Vital Ingredient, but the focus had no returned to the vending machines. 

He said : “Why did we rekindle the idea? Because of interest from guests. People were asking us, ‘how do we get Tossed at the weekend, when we’re working late?’

“It’s still in proof of concept phase. It’s a way of getting the product to more people because they can’t get to a store, or because it’s closed.”

The machines will have contactless payments and a digital display screen.

Sebba said there was a shared agreement with Aeguana on the “massive opportunity” in healthy eating vending.

He said feedback at the trade show had been very positive.

Sebba said: “It’s now about picking the opportunities that have best chance of making it pay – how many people do they have in the office, do they have long hours, how close are they to shops?

“It’s an emerging market, and we’re very new to it. Other people have tried in the past, and come away from fresh stocking every day, though maybe the time wasn’t right.

“We have a good calling card – it’s the brand hopefully which will help. People recognise our food and want our product. Providing we get into the right locations, it should be fine. It’s an interesting way of expanding our store operations.”

The product range will include familiar smoothies, snacks, wraps and salads, delivered in slightly different ways – in jars for instance - to ensure they stay in good shape.

“It’s like a mini Tossed in your office”, Sebba added.