Weetwood Ales, the Cheshire based brewer, has been sold by its founders Adrian Slater and Roger Langford to an investment group called Cheshire Cat Management for a seven-figure deal.

The CAMRA award-winning brewery makes bitter, blonde, amber and brown ales and its range includes Eastgate Ale, Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter.

Slater and Langford, who have grown the business over 21 years, will now retire for the brewery that had sales of £1.1m to the end of March this year.

Weetwood said very little will change under the new directors Phil McLaughlin and LauraHumby: “The new owners bring significant business experience and a huge amount of enthusiasm to continue to produce and supply great beers. There will be very little changing at Weetwood. We recognise the importance of continuing to provide outstanding beers of consistent quality and will be doing nothing to jeopardise this. All the staff will remain and continue to operate as normal.”