Kopparberg, the Swedish cider maker, says its sales in the on-trade grew 79% in July against the same month last year, with year-on-year sales in August up 55%.

Adrian Hirst, sales director at Kopparberg UK, said: “2013 has already proved to be an extraordinary year for us, with our new above the line campaign, enhanced public relations activity and the great weather combining to break records within the business.

“This success is not possible however without the continued support of our on-trade customers who have helped Kopparberg establish and maintain its position as the leading fruit cider brand in the country.”

Growth in Scotland was even faster, the company said, with sales up 140% in July against July 2012 and year-on-year growth of 116% in August.

Hirst said: “The overall UK statistics are obviously fantastic, but in Scotland we’re seeing on trade drinkers really go for the brand in a big way.

“The weather has obviously been kind to us this summer, but the scale of growth shows that our new marketing strategy is working and continues to build momentum. We are excited about September results, which already look set to continue growth on 2012 figures, as we turn our attention towards the winter months.”