Scottish craft brewer Innis & Gunn is set to open its first retail site as it looks to expand the business, M&C Report has learnt.

Founder and chief executive Dougal Sharp said the company was “seriously looking” at a retail presence with a view to opening a flagship site.

“We have a space within our headquarters in Edinburgh which we’ve converted for events and parties where we can entertain customers. But we are seriously looking now at what we would do in an on-trade retail environment, what the look and feel would be like, as well as the offer and service level.”

Sharp said he felt the company “could do something similar” to fellow Scottish brewer BrewDog, but insisted they were in a “different space” to them.

“We’re seeking to find new ways to express ourselves in that changing environment. I can’t ever remember a more exciting time for beer,” he said.

Innis & Gunn grew its turnover by 32% last year with almost three-quarters of beer brewed exported abroad.

“We’ve got some high profile plans happening across the business which we think will take us forward. We continue to invest in people and we’re internationalising further and have just pushed into France. They love us over there so that’s really exciting.”

The company also plans a series of new brews this year, including a rare beer project. It recently launched a major six-figure advertising campaign in Scotland for its craft lager.