Coors Brewers has unveiled a set of nucleated plastic glasses that are cheap and the closest yet to a traditional pint glass. The range is said to be ‘virtually unbreakable’, and has the same nucleated base found in traditional glasses to stimulate bubbles and maintain a head on the beer. The range costs about a third of the price of toughened pint glasses and costs about the same as a normal pint glass. Mark Hunter, Coors Brewers' marketing and international development director, said: "Factors such as the new licensing laws meant we needed to come up with a form of plastic glassware that was both safe and strong. "But an additional challenge was to make sure that our beer still looked and tasted great. By introducing the same nucleation process to plastic as is used in glass we are achieving that goal." There are four 'glasses' in the range, each carrying the brewers core brands – Carling, Carling Extra Cold, Grolsch and Coors Fine Light.