Coca-Cola UK has announced the publication of the carbon footprints of several of its main drinks brands. The company said that the study was part of work with the government-funded Carbon Trust to measure the greenhouse gas emissions across the full lifecycle of some of its drinks. The report found that a 330ml can of Coca-Cola sold in Great Britain had a carbon footprint of 170 grams, the same sized can of Diet Coke had a footprint of 150 grams, while a 330ml glass bottle of Coca-Cola was equivalent to 360 grams. The scheme involved the company calculating the ingredients used to make the drink, the manufacture process and its packaging, the impact of distribution retailing, as well as estimating the effect of the use of the product by the consumer and its disposal. The move follows reports this weekend that Coca-Cola had approached the smoothie maker Innocent Drinks about acquiring a minority stake in the company. It is understood that Coca-Cola is among a number of potential bidders for the smoothie company, which is looking for additional funds to help it to expand internationally. Other companies believed to be interested in Innocent include investment firm Bridgepoint and Darwin Private Equity.