The production of bottled water is seriously damaging the environment, costing 10,000 times more to create than tap water, according to a new study from the Earth Policy Institute. The average Briton consumed 33 litres of bottled water in 2004, only a sixth the amount drunk by the typical Italian. But sales here are rocketing, with Coca-Cola buying the Malvern brand in 1999 to compensate for falling sales of soft drinks. London restaurant Nobu charges £5 for a small bottle and is even rumoured to boil its rice in the stuff. Friends of the Earth spokesman Dr Michael Warhurst described bottled water as "another product we do not need" which is wasting resources and exacerbating climate change. Campaigning rock star Bob Geldof went further. He described bottled water as "bollocks". The Independent on Sunday 12/02/06 page 3