Whitbread has announced that it will rebrand all its Brewsters family pubs under the Brewers Fayre name, as well as revamping the Brewers Fayre menu to concentrate on 'the best of British pub food'. The new menu will be supported by a national press ad campaign, due to begin this week, which features the strapline 'Rediscover classic British food'. Fried foods like chicken nuggets will be taken off the menu to be replaced with 'hearty food' like sausages and mash and cottage pie. Marketing director James Spragg said the decision was made to give the pubs a broader appeal. "While Brewsters had been a great success with families it was alienating other adults. The trick is to appeal to different customers at different times of day, otherwise, being open from 11am to 11pm is a waste of time," he said. The company's 120 Brewsters sites will be rebranded by September, bringing the number of Brewers Fayre pubs up to about 400. Whitbread then plans to expand the chain to 500 pubs by 2007. The company trialled over 100 dishes over the past year and has now created a 70-meal menu with improved quality of ingredients and more vegetables.