Wagamama has announced it is working with BT Expedite, BT’s retail specialists, to roll out a range of solutions to improve the way it engages with customers and enhance the customer experience at its c110 restaurants.

Under the new agreement, the David Campbell-led group will be implementing Single Customer View (SCV) with more than a dozen key integration points. Hosted in the cloud, SCV will be accessible by wagamama and provide a 360 degree view of customer activity across restaurant, mobile app and take-out service channels.

BT Expedite’s SCV will be integrated with key third party solutions for electronic point of sale, Take-out App, Pay at Table App, customer feedback system, website, email service provider and wi-fi data.

As well as the market-leading SCV solution, Wagamama will also be using BT Expedite’s customer relationship management (CRM) and loyalty solutions. This will allow the group to analyse customer behaviour and personalise its communication, service and offers to its customers.

Richard Tallboy, chief information officer at Wagamama, said: “BT Expedite came recommended to us, and we were impressed with their grasp of our business goals and their years of experience in implementing SCV, CRM and loyalty solutions with a strong track record. We look forward to a successful implementation to bring our plans to fruition.”

Andre Johnstone, head of digital and loyalty at Wagamama, said: “The BT Expedite CRM team has brought a level of confidence and calm to this project, as we work across many partners to deliver our customer engagement solution. They have brought new ideas that have contributed to our already ambitious plans.”