Thaikhun, the street food-influenced concept from the Thai Leisure Group, has created a new children’s menu after collaboration with young diners, their parents and a blogger.

More than 50 parents and children were invited to get involved in developing the menu with parenting blogger Alice Judge-Talbot. The children were given the final say on the taste test.

The feedback was that parents preferred to eat out at venues they loved but also catered for children rather than simply opting for a family centric restaurant. They also wanted something different, with many sharing the opinion that kid’s menus are often too similar with very ‘beige’ food.

The new Thaikhun menu allows youngsters to pick from a selection of dishes with each element served separately allowing children to experiment with new tastes without running the risk of ruining their meal. Flavours include Thai Green Curry, Pad Thai and Creamy Nut-Free Chicken Satay. Served with a crunchy vegetable pot to start and ice lolly for dessert, the menu costs £5.95, including a drink.

Additionally, Thaikhun has teamed up with National Geographical Kids Magazine, to offer a mini-magazine filled with activities and fun facts about Thailand.

Ian Leigh, managing director at Thaikhun, said: “We are extremely excited to have launched a menu that we know our customers will love, because they’ve helped us to create it.”

“Our aim is to bring families together with an experience that both parents will love and excites young diners, leaving a lasting impression. For the most adventurous young diners, Thaikhun is offering free creepy crawlies, an experience the little ones won’t soon forget.”