Patty & Bun has reported a pre-tax loss of £264k for the year ending November 2019, an improvement on the £318k it lost in 2018.

Sales were £10.9m, down from £11.6m the previous year.

In its report to Companies House, the business said it remained “cautiously optimistic” as a result of the coronavirus, and though it said the “current climate will remain difficult” for hospitality it was “well placed to tackle future challenges”.

It said those would include the potential impact of travel bans, a second wave of the virus, the availability (or lack of) government support and absence of commuters as consumers work from home.

At the end of the year Patty & Bun had ten sites and four concessions.

It said it had launched a ‘Lockdown DIY Patty Kit’ which was voted best home kit by Time Out. It also launched a virtual brand called Sidechick on Deliveroo.