KFC, the fast food chain, has joined rivals Burger King and McDonald’s in becoming a member of the British Retail Consortium (BRC). The company, which was founded in the USA as Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1952, opened its first UK site in Preston in 1965. The company now has 800 restaurants in the UK. Chris Fells, director of product excellence at KFC, said: “We’ve joined the BRC for its excellent links with politicians at every level, with government departments and agencies and for its knowledge of the issues that impact most on our business. “The BRC offers a unique combination of insight and influence in areas including food policy and the future of the high street. We look forward to benefitting from that and adding our weight to the strong single voice the BRC gives the retail sector.” Stephen Robertson, BRC director general, said: “I’m delighted KFC has joined a growing band of ‘food to go’ businesses who recognise the value of BRC membership. With its support, we speak for a rapidly expanding proportion of this important part of retailing. "KFC’s membership allows it to gain from our policy and technical knowledge and gives us more clout in fighting for a business environment which helps members of all types and sizes to thrive.”