Mark Hix has said that the decision to appoint administrators for his restaurant businesses was done without his support, a move he says will result in his staff being made redundant without being able to be put on furlough.

The chef restaurateur described the last couple of weeks as the toughest he has faced since opening his first restaurant in London’s Farringdon in 2008, in a statement confirming his restaurant businesses had called in administrators.

In a post on his Instagram, Hix said: “I echo the words of Rick Stein this week and all others in our hospitality business who have undoubtedly faced the toughest couple of weeks ever, and, in our case, since we opened in 2008.

“The hardest decision for WSH & Mark Hix Restaurants Limited has been to appoint an administrator and to close down the restaurants and HIX Townhouse, which in turn has made my team redundant without being able to take advantage of the Government furlough scheme. This was a Board decision, and I have to point out, done without my support. Although the press are using, and will use, my name as the responsible director this was not my decision.”

It was first reported over the weekend that Hix’s restaurant businesses had appointed administrators, with the chef restaurateur’s parent organisation WSH & Mark Hix Restaurants; Restaurants etc; and Hix Townhouse all filing.

“Apart from tough times and sad times for me, it is nothing compared to what so many of my team, and others that are reliant on our business, are going through,” he continues.

“Over time we have genuinely become a large family and to lose all of my team like this has been incredibly difficult and upsetting.”

Hix opened his first restaurant, HIX Oyster & Chop House, in London’s Farringdon in 2008. In the capital, his portfolio went on to include chicken and steak restaurants Tramshed; Hixter Bankside; and HIX Soho, which closed late last year due to “rising rents and difficult market conditions”. He also operated two restaurants in Lyme Regis: HIX Oyster and Fish House, and HIX Townhouse.

Hix said he would reopen one day in some way, adding: “I want to say a big thank you to all of my team, my suppliers and our guests who’ve been so supportive over the years and a huge thanks to those that have been in touch with their good wishes.”