Hawksmoor co-founder Will Beckett has said the company’s restaurant in the World Trade Center will need to one of the top 15 grossing restaurants in the whole of New York, in order to succeed.

Beckett and co-founder Huw Gott announced last month that the company would be anchoring Tower 3 with a 14,000sq ft outlet - its biggest restaurant to date.

Beckett insists that the company can replicate its success in London and Manchester on a much larger scale – the New York restaurant will have 330 covers and room for 100 in the bar - but admits failure is not an option.

He told the Financial Times: “It’s exciting and your heart says, ‘Of course I want to open a restaurant in New York’ — but there’s a lot of work to do . . . We hired a business consultancy to look at whether it was plausible.

“The rent on the New York site is more than our six English restaurants put together, and for it to work it has to be in the top 15 grossing restaurants in the whole of New York

“We’re going to have to do $20m a year for it to be an unequivocal success . . . It’s obviously way more than breaking even, but feels commensurate with the risk, which is not insignificant.”