Eddie Rocket’s, the Dublin-based US diner group, plans to roll its latest brand out across the UK.

Tobias Lukaschek assistant manager of Eddie Rockets in Ireland said the company was talking to potential franchise partners about the potential for its restaurant/cocktail bar format, Flash Harry’s, which was launched in Blackrock this month.

The brand is based around burgers 30 signature cocktails and craft beers, aimed at professionals in the areas surrounding Blackrock.

As part of the company’s plans to expand all four of its brands – also including the five-strong fast casual concept Rockets, 34-strong casual dining brand Eddie Rocket’s and two-strong full servie Counter Burger – it talking to potential partners in Manchester, London, Edinburgh and Glasgow

Lukaschek said the group was keen to look at former or existing pub/restaurant locations with on-licences and existing kitchen facilities, in the UK.