Restauranteur Robert Newmark has said his latest concept Boneyard has the potential to be rolled out and he will open more following the initial site in Shoreditch.

Newmark told M&C the ribs, chicken and burgers concept he has installed on a former petrol station on Shoreditch High Street is a tester to see how the model works and now believes the format would be suited to other locations both in central and the outskirts of London as well as outside of the capital.

he said the petrol station setting works really well with great space both inside and out, adding he has been inspired by initial response to the site and will be doing more Boneyards.

He said: “When you have something that’s a roll-out concept I think it would be wrong not to go with it,” adding it could be highly commercial in shopping malls.

Since opening earlier in the summer the signage has been accentuated so customers can see the whole menu from the street and enhance prominence of the Boneyard offering which has increased customer numbers.

Newmark, who has other properties under construction in London and overseas, said his approach to finding property is based upon specific “interesting” sites rather than locations.

As well as Boneyard, Newmark is looking to expand his currently two-strong Beach Blanket Babylon brand and develop boutique hotels associated with it.

He said this could be in London but is also exploring opportunities in Marrakech as he said he is very keen to be in the hotel business as well as the food and beverage sector.

Earlier this year Newmark launched a grill house and cocktail bar in London’s north Kensington called West Thirty Six.