Licensees at Punch Taverns have seen the price of Scottish & Newcastle UK’s (S&NUK) beverages rise by up to 4%. The price changes, which have taken effect from the beginning of this week, saw increases to the cost of beer and bottles of cider such as Magners and Kopparberg. In a letter to licensees, S&NUK said that the rises for its brands would not exceed 4% and would vary depending on discounts. While the standard wholesale increases of 5.7% for beer and 4.9% for cider were introduced in January and February, the hikes will only be implemented in Punch pubs from this week due to a pre-arranged deal. Surcharges for deliveries in small containers have also been passed on to Punch this week, while other suppliers such as Coors, Carlsberg and Diageo made the increases at the beginning of the year.