Punch has said that its trial of delivery from its pubs has established that there is a demand but the case for its profitability remains to be seen.

Speaking at MCA’s Tenanted Pub Company Summit yesterday, development director David Wigham updated on learnings from the two sites which have been offering a delivery option since June.

Both sites offer the service on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday night and on average 40 orders a week have been made across the two sites, with 400 customers having tried the service. Early evening has been the peak time for orders.

Ratings have been consistently high with an average of 5.43 out of six.

Wigham said: “What we have seen from the trial so far is that there is a market there and that operationally we can do this.

“On the question of whether we can make money out of it – I’ll come back to you. We are talking about burgers that we’re selling for £5.95. Once you add in the expenses of delivery and Just Eat’s cut, there’s not a huge amount yet.”

Wigham also said that the weakest element of trading at its Scottish licensed café concept, Brewed & Baked, was alcohol sales.

He said: “People wanted a café and while we have learnt a lot about running a café we are pub operators. What it has done is given us much more knowledge about good coffee – which we can use across the estate.”