Monty Holender, businessman and artistic director, is looking for opportunities in pubs across London to rollout in-house theatres, which could attract between 7,000 to 10,000 extra potential customers for the pub a year. Holender, who was artistic director at the 80-seat theatre, housed within the Geronimo Inns’ Grand Union pub in Kentish Town, has approached a number of the leading pub companies regarding the idea. He said: “Part of the equation is that the pub would need the custom we could bring them. If they do and the premises are right and taking a 70- seat theatre as the template, based on 50% occupancy and allowing for 42 weeks of the year only, we could bring the pub between 7,000-10,000 extra customers a year. “Over a period of time we have been in touch with Wetherspoons, Mitchells & Butler, and Punch Taverns and all were very interested in the idea. The problem turned out to be finding the right space for a viable theatre. On two occasions, dealing with smaller pub groups we got even further, with detailed plans and costings but unforeseen obstacles arose at the last minute.” Holender, who was in business for over thirty years with a small chain of retail shops and a national and international manufacturing company, said that there were four or five theatres in London that already have the kind of successful model he is looking to establish. He said: “The bottom line is that the pub has to need the custom and we are uniquely placed to establish the theatre quickly with a solid business plan.”