Rooney Anand, the chief executive of Greene King, has voiced his company’s disappointment over the failure to introduce minimum pricing of alcohol in Scotland. Plans by the Scottish National Party to introduce a minimum 45p price per unit on alcohol failed yesterday after it was voted down by 76 to 49 for the third and final time. Anand, who runs more than 2,400 pubs across the country, has previously penned a letter to The Times supporting the policy of minimum pricing – a move that has led to severe criticism from Tim Martin, founder and chairman of rival JD Wetherspoon. However, Anand said last night: “Greene King is disappointed with today’s vote in the Scottish Parliament rejecting minimum pricing for the sale of alcohol in Scotland. Greene King believes strongly that introducing a minimum price per unit on the sale of alcohol would play a key part towards reducing irresponsible drinking. “The alcohol industry needs to play a leading role in addressing the fact that not all drink is consumed responsibly and that when abused there are significant economic and social costs.” He added: “It is Greene King’s position that minimum pricing would be an extremely effective and efficient way of tackling irresponsible drinking whilst at the same time ensuring that the vast majority of people who drink alcohol responsibly and in moderation are able to continue doing so without facing more punitive regulations”. But, others in the industry do not share Anand’s views and were quick to welcome the dismissal of the bill. Simon Litherland, managing director, Diageo Great Britain, welcomed the move. He said: “We firmly believed minimum pricing was not an effective solution in tackling alcohol misuse. "The debate has clearly moved on and now we can look forward to working collectively with other stakeholders in Scotland and the UK to support targeted interventions which can make a real difference to dealing with the problem of alcohol misuse.” A SABMiller spokesperson said: "Reducing problem drinking is an important goal for Scottish politicians. "Today's rejection of minimum pricing from the Alcohol Bill shows that MSPs have taken to heart the findings of key research, which shows that heavy drinkers would only reduce their consumption by one pint a week if a minimum price of 45p a unit was introduced. "To make a genuine impact on Scottish health and society and shift the nation's attitude to alcohol, policymakers need to focus on effective solutions such as the strict enforcement of existing laws to crack down on underage drinking and antisocial behaviour."