Industry veteran, David Bruce, founder of West Berkshire Brewery and co-founder of City Pub Company on why he was the original BrewDog, his fears for the election and why he doesn’t like being called an industry veteran.

What’s your main business priority for the coming 12 months?

I am currently out and about with my begging bowl trying to raise £4m to invest in a new brewery and equipment and a visitor centre. Beyond that it is all about driving sales and raising awareness of the brand.

What is the best marketing campaign you have seen this year?

It has got to be BrewDog. Their marketing of the brewery, their fundraising and the way they are rolling out the bars is so impressive. I recognise a lot of that manic enthusiasm from the way I was in my Firkin years.

Meantime are also doing some great stuff at the moment and you really have to take your hat off to Camden Town Brewery with the way they have marketed their fundraising.

Where did you have your best meal this year?

Consistently, I have never been let down by the Royal Oak in Yattenden. Having said that I had an amazing meal at the Roux Brothers’ Waterside Inn at Bray. As a one-off treat that was fabulous but it’s not the sort of place you would go every Sunday.

Which business in the sector provided the best experience?

As much as I think there are some great operators out there I would be lying if I didn’t say our pubs are consistently providing the best experience. The knowledge among our staff and the way they carry out their roles never ceases to amaze me. I can say that, can’t I? After all, I’m not running them, I just help set them up.

What is your main concern regarding the impact of the general election?

This Government has done a lot right – the beer duty cuts, tackling the brewers tie, the tax benefits for investors. So, my biggest fear would be a Government getting in that would reverse seek to end those benefits.

Which other business (any sector) would you most like to run and why?

I would not want to be involved in any other sector. I have been in this business for 45 years across the world and have loved every minute of it. I should have retired years ago but I’m still so enthused by the whole business.

I’m often called an industry veteran these days which makes me feel old. It’s really just people being polite. What they really mean is I’m an old git.