A drink that has consumers guessing whether it contains alcohol is to be removed from sale for breaching the Portman Group’s Code. Portman’s Independent Complaints Panel decided consumers could be confused because the front label on Yegaar does not specify that it contains alcohol. The panel’s ruling followed a complaint from another drinks manufacturer. David Poley, Portman group chief executive, said stores, pubs, bars and nightclubs will be asked to stop selling the drink in its current packaging: “It is difficult for consumers to tell that Yegaar is an alcoholic drink, let alone how strong it is. We don’t even know what kind of alcohol it contains. It is alarming that a drink is being marketed in this way. “We are grateful that a company brought this to the attention of the Independent Complaints Panel. We are now taking action in partnership with retailers to prevent further sales of the drink in its current form.” Yegaar’s producer, Mulligans (Dumfries) Ltd, has now agreed to re-label the product in line with advice from the Portman Group.