Nottinghamshire Police Authority have called for the introduction of a late-late night levy on pubs and clubs in Nottingham, claiming too many crimes involving alcohol take place in the city during the early hours, writes Adam Pescod. Powers to introduce the late-night levy are set to come into force alongside early morning restriction orders (EMROs) on 31 October as part of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act. It will collect an annual fee from all licensed premises which are authorised to sell alcohol between designated hours between midnight and 6am. The amount charged will vary from £200 to £4,400 depending on the ratebale value of the premises, with the money collected to go towards additional night-time policing. Jon Collins, chairman of Nottinghamshire Police Authority, said: “Despite the positive decline in offences of violence against the person it appears from recent data that still too many crimes involve alcohol and take place within the night-time economy. “The Force invests a considerable amount of time and money into policing the areas around Nottinghamshire’s pubs and clubs and ensuring that the public remains safe but more proactive work needs to be undertaken to develop preventative strategies – not just cure – and we should not be afraid to get tougher on off-licences and licensed premises which bring forward unreasonable applications and persistently exacerbate the problem. “Reducing alcohol-related crime should be a collective responsibility and the public, landlords, licensing authorities and the police all have a duty to promote a safer environment for our communities.” Zack Wright, assistant manager at the Malt House, a licensed venue in Nottingham City Centre, said: “We will have to bring back our hours from 1am until midnight. “We don’t trade much in our last hour anyway so it would make sense for us to do that, as we couldn’t afford to pay the levy.”