Chief executives in the FTSE Leisure and Hotel sector have seen their salaries hit the £500,000 mark for the first time, according to a new study. Executive compensation consultancy Halliwell Consulting learned in its new report, said that the sector’s base median salary for chief executives in the sector now stands at £367,500, up 41% from 2001-2002. Add to that 51% of salary for bonuses, and total compensation comes to half a million pounds. Halliwell also found that other directors were being remunerated far above the rate of inflation. FDs’ salary levels were up 11% while other directors saw 10% rises over the past 12 months. Compared to 2001-2002 figures, those increases, respectively, were 14% and 18%. That brings salaries up to £190,00 for FDs and £176,000 for other directors. Marcus Peaker, Halliwell Consulting’s chief executive, said: "The sector is enjoying a successful period and this is reflected in the remuneration of executives and share prices generally." Halliwell divides companies in the sector into four sub sectors, namely hotels, pubs/restaurants, gaming and leisure. The company found that bosses in the hotel sub sector were the best paid, while those in restaurants and pubs were the paid the least. Peaker commented: "This is a stark contract to two years ago when the best paid executives were working for pubs and restaurants. It would appear that the strategy used by hotels to pay the highest salaries and grant the highest amount of share awards linked to the performance of its executives, particularly CEOs, has contributed to the successful comeback that this sub sector has made."