The Heineken "peanut challenge" TV advertising campaign has now neen

launched online.

Heineken, which sponsor's rugby's Heineken Cup, said the game, which is based in a virtual bar, is proving a a big attraction, with a large number of players attempting to flick the peanut along a pub bar into a beer glass, just like the man in the Heineken advertisement.

James Dickson, sales and marketing director for Heineken, said: "It seems from the response that the game has really captured the imagination of sports fans."

"The game is proving one of the most popular attractions. But we are also receiving a high level of visits from people who want to use other sections of the site to keep up-to-date with news as we reach the final stages of this year's tournament."

The advertising campaign is part of a £5m investment package behind this season's Heineken Cup. The online "peanut challenge" has been developed by the ad agency in London.