A new system allowing operator to track the movement of potential customers by tracing their mobile signals has been launched. The Smart Steps system, which has been developed by Telefonica Dynamic Insights, enables operators to measure how many more people visit their high street with a respective area’s footfall shown by time, gender and age. The system, which is currently being trialled by six high-street retailers, can also trace the movement of crowds of people in real time through Google Maps. Steve Alder, chief executive at Telefónica , said: “Smart Steps generates far richer insights than existing footfall measurement products. It shows not only the size of a crowd visiting an area but also anonymised trends on the age and gender composition of the crowd. The information is drawn from a larger sample and is updated far more regularly than traditional tools. “It will help a range of organisations – including retailers, town councils, sporting arenas and emergency responders – to make better informed decisions and better understand and serve the needs of their customers.”