Liverpool brewer Cain's, owned by the Dusanj family, has been admitted to membership of the Independent Family Brewers of Britain (IFBB) after a ten-year wait. The company first applied to join the IFBB in 2002 but was told their application had been rejected. The IFBB cited a new rule to explain why the application had been rejected - a company had to be family-run for ten years before it could join. This year, though, the brothers were visited by IFBB chairman Paul Wells who asked them if they would still like to join - they officially became a member of the IFBB on 12 October. Sudarghara Dusanj tells beer writer Roger Protz in an interview to be carried in next week's edition of the Publican's Morning Advertiser: "Paul Wells didn't discuss the past. We talked about tied pubs and cask beer and the way forward for family brewers. "The IFBB is a remarkable organisation - some of the breweries have been family-run for seven generations and Paul is very proud of that tradition. "All the brewers I know who are member of the IFBB are good, genuine people." Cain's is expected to break even this year on a turnover of £34m and move into profit next year.