Operators have been urged to apply now for late licences and temporary event notices (TENs) for the “three months worth of celebration” expected to hit the UK next summer. Jonathan Smith, managing partner at licensing law firm Poppleston Allen, told delegates at the BII Olympic Conference that they can not afford to miss out on the opportunities presented to the pub trade between June and September 2012. With a raft of new licensing legislation due to come into effect in April, under the Police and Social Responsibility Act, Smith said it is important that operators plan early to avoid disappointment. “What a summer we have ahead of us – it is actually three months’ worth of celebration which starts with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on 2 June, and it runs all the way to the end of the Paralympics on 9 September,” said Smith. “The State of the Nation Report that was published earlier this year found that 86% of businesses were not planning anything around the Olympics. And of those 86%, 63% said they weren’t planning anything. Can you afford to miss those opportunities?” Smith picked out two key measures from the new Act which he said licensees would be mindful to take into consideration. “Under the new Act, which is now an Act of Parliament, likely to come into effect sometime around April, the Environmental Health Officer (EHO) will be able to reject Temporary Event Notices. At the moment only the police can, on crime and disorder grounds. “The EHO will be able to object shortly on public nuisance grounds and conditions can be applied to temporary event notices probably from April. There is no reason why you cannot apply now for temporary event notices.” He added: “Make any changes to your premises licences now because with the changes in legislation, if I was sat before a licensing authority at the moment, the licensing authority can refuse my application (for a TEN) if it is “necessary” to do so, to make sure there is no crime and disorder. “With the change in legislation under the new act which is going to kick in in April, they can refuse it if it is “appropriate” to do so, which is a lot easier for the council. “So if you get your applications in now ready for next year it is a lot easier to get these granted because the test is a lot lower, the threshold you are getting through is a lot lower.”