3D Entertainment chief executive David Crabtree has defended all-inclusive offers being run at six of its venues, writes Paul Charity. Six company sites are offering customers the chance to consume all the food and drink they want for £12 on a specific mid-week evening. Discount vouchers allow entry for £10 at some venues. The offer excludes some low margin drinks such as Jack Daniels, Guinness, Stella Artois and Smirnoff Ice. Crabtree said that the offer had been introduced in certain towns that were very quiet during the week - and where other offers, such as live entertainment, has not worked. The company’s Luton site has seen takings on a Wednesday night jump from £400 to between £4,500 and £5,000. He said: “There’s a large degree of perception around all-inclusives. We’re not that much cheaper than anywhere else - we’ve just packaged it up differently and captured customers’ imaginations. “Outside of weekends, sales are very hard to come by. “Northampton, for example, has been very quiet mid-week for a very long-time. It’s about whether you want your venues empty or full, whether you want to just become a two or three night a week business. "We haven’t got plans to introduce this offer in an other 20 sites - it’s a town-by-town situation.” Crabtree said 3D had received a “supportive” response from police in relation to its existing all-inclusive offers. The company had prepared for the introduction of its all-inclusive offer by re-training and expanding bar and door staff teams. 3D Entertainment Group was formed in January 2007 following the acquisition of the Luminar Group’s Entertainment Division. Luminar owns a 49% stake in 3D Entertainment, a further 31% is owned by chief executive David Crabtree and 21% is owned by Prestbury Holdings. The company has refurbished around 36 of its 52 Chicago Rock Cafes since January 2007. The pace of refurbishment has slowed this year with six completed out of cashflow.