Restaurant and bar operators in London’s Soho have joined forces to launch a new initiative called Straw Wars to reduce the number of discarded straws in the area. Pizza East, Wahaca, Hix, Barrafina, The Dean Street Townhouse and Quo Vadis have signed up to the scheme, which urges operators to get rid of straws completely or provide a straw only when requested by a customer. Jamie Poulton, owner of Randall & Aubin, and campaign leader said that whilst the project is ambitious, its benefits could be far-reaching: “Straw Wars is a campaign to unite the Soho community in eliminating unnecessary single use plastic. If we're able to raise awareness with Straw Wars and the work that Soho has done towards a cleaner environment – then the next step would be a move towards resolving the current waste collection and disposal issues in Soho. “Our ultimate goal is to establish a recycling centre in Soho itself. This is a very ambitious project, but will benefit local businesses, customers and the environment."