The breakfast day part has continued its yearlong growth streak with an increase of 12% in eating out frequency on last year, MCA Insight’s latest quarterly Eating Out Panel report has found.

As consumers eating breakfast out of home more frequently, value has become an increasingly important consideration with 28% of consumers citing good value as a reason for choosing a breakfast location.

Growth at lunch and dinner was less significant, seeing an uplift of +1% and +4% respectively.

On snack occasions, the treat mission has decreased in share by 0.8pp, but the share of visitors snacking whilst grocery shopping is increasing.

New product development continued to drive loyalty, with operators such as Greggs seeing a consistent benefit from new items like the vegan sausage roll.

Greggs is also the top sandwich retailer across all dayparts, with its net promotor score increasing at both breakfast and lunch.

On the other side, Tesco Café and Tesco To-Go have fallen in share at breakfast, decreasing by 3.2pp and 5.5pp.