Amazon has been fined £55,000 by the Competition and Markets Authority over its failure to hand over documents in time for its Deliveroo deal investigation deadline.

Issued two separate fines of £30,000 and £25,000, Amazon has been accused of causing “serious and flagrant issues” in the watchdog’s investigation, failing to produce 189 documents until after the deadline had passed.

Amazon blamed the delays on “technical issues” and attempted to retrieve documents by reformatting a laptop after the CMA complained that many of the 157 documents handed over in response to a data request were emailed meeting invitations.

“Although Amazon did ultimately provide all of the information required, the CMA considers that Amazon’s behaviour caused unnecessary delays to the CMA’s investigation, with some documents being provided almost two months late within the course of a six-month investigation,” the watchdog said on its website.

Responding to the fines, an Amazon spokesperson said: “We are committed to supporting regulatory bodies in their work. We cooperated fully with the CMA’s inquiry and worked hard to provide large volumes of information in a timely manner. All requested documents were provided to the CMA.”

Amazon’s $557m (£423m) investment in Deliveroo, to buy 16% of the company, was approved by the watchdog last month, 15 months after the deal was first announced.