Shares in Just Eat will commence trading on the London Stock Exchange under ‘JET’ at 9am CET today.

Issued ordinary shares will have a nominal value of €0.04 each, comprising a total of 137,556,809 shares.

The increased offer will remain open for acceptance for no more than 14 days, after which the company will look to pursue compulsory acquisition of remaining shares.

Trading of Just Eat Shares will be suspended on the London Stock Exchange this morning.

Meanwhile, the Competition and Markets Authority has imposed a ‘hold separate’ as part of an investigation into the merger, requiring the Just Eat and businesses to continue to be run independently and under separate management until the probe has concluded.

Jitse Groen, CEO of Just Eat “Today’s listing on the London Stock Exchange marks the beginning of a new era for our company. The Just Eat merger provides the scale that is a necessary condition to remain competitive in a globalised environment. Our ambitions, however, reach much further. It is our intent to lead the sector, which not only means delivering the absolute best product for both consumers and restaurants, but also a dedication to our social responsibility.

“Following the CMA’s discretionary decision to conduct an investigation into the merger, we will work quickly to respond to their questions. As said, we are confident merger clearance will be obtained.”