Deliveroo, the online restaurant delivery platform, is launching its service into the UAE and Australia in the first week of November to open up new international markets, M&C has learnt.

The service will be launched in Dubai in the UAE and simultaneously in Melbourne and Sydney. The next phase of growth will be in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Daniel Warne, managing director of Deliveroo in the UK said Dubai was selected as the first Middle Eastern location because of its high proportion of corporate offices and large ex-pat community. He said the service will then be better positioned to launch into other parts of the Arabic peninsular.

Deliveroo has launched a dedicated corporate account service to allow large companies to order and access from a centralised account and order for their entire group.

Closer to home, Warne said the company is now reasonably well covered in the more economically developed European countries having established a presence in Holland, Belgium, Spain and Italy this year.

In the UK there remains around 10 smaller markets Deliveroo has not yet entered that it will look to expand into but this will not take place for a few months as it works to consolidate the current networks.

It will launch a national marketing campaign from early 2016.

“The growth is expediential and continues to go full steam with us trying to keep up the service and delivery,” Warne said. “It’s a product people love and everywhere we have taken it from small market towns to bigger cities there has been a great response.”