Deliveroo is looking to improve the working experience of its riders in order to “positively impact retention”, with the appointment of a head of rider engagement, MCA understands.

The company said: “Riders are at the heart of our business, and we want to ensure we are treating riders like customers; ensuring that the riders know they are listened to and that there is a functioning feedback loop.”

Responsibilities under the new title, include “knowing who our riders are” - segmenting the fleet, building long term campaigns around those segments and assessing the effectiveness of campaigns to inform future strategy and “knowing rider sentiment” – working with the company’s Engagement team to be able to confidently assess and address rider sentiment in all of Deliveroo’s UK markets

The successful candidate will also have to make Deliveroo the company to ride with and represent riders in the business by providing input for product, Rider Support, Planning and Analytics, and Comms – “working with other departments to ensure they have their needs catered for and that the Engagement team contributes to future changes in product and strategy”.

Earlier this month, Deliveroo introduced an income insurance policy to cover its self-employed workers.

The company is offering a policy that would see couriers pay £1.85 a week, to provide cover when they suffered an injury while working for Deliveroo or when illness left them unable to work.

The business has said that it would be willing to pay basic sickness and injury benefits to couriers if UK law is changed. It claims that at present it cannot provide such benefits to drivers who at the same time enjoy the flexibility associated with self-employment.

Dan Warne, Deliveroo’s managing director for UK and Ireland, said: ‘We would like to go further, but we are currently constrained by the law. We’re committed to providing the flexible work that riders want, alongside the security we believe they deserve.”