Deliveroo, the food delivery service, has confirmed it is moving into the alcohol delivery sector through partnerships with Majestic Wines and BrewDog alongside a number of independent bar operator.

As revealed earlier this year by MCA, consumers can now order wines from eight Majestic Wines stores across London and from 20 BrewDog locations nationally with delivery times set to be around 20 minutes.

Deliveroo is also working with independents like Lea and Sandeman, Honest Brew, Mother Kellys and Vagabond Wines.

On working with pub companies, a spokesperson told MCA: “‘Deliveroo is always in talks with potential new partners and this may develop into a new channel for us. We’re already partnering with pub companies such as PubLove who are now offering food delivery across London with great success.”

The service will work identically to Deliveroo’s food delivery; alcohol merchants will be provided with a tablet in which orders can be processed through the Deliveroo app.

Nearby riders will collect the order from staff and deliver the order to customers, in an average of 20 minutes. Deliveroo began trialing standalone alcohol merchants on the platform in spring 2016 and noted strong consumer demand.

Dan Warne, managing director of UK & IE at Deliveroo said: “Majestic Wines and BrewDog are perfect launch partners for us offering great pairings for meals ordered on Deliveroo and by working with independent merchants like Clapton Craft and Humble Grape we’re continuing to champion the UK’s independent businesses as well.”

James Hickson, owner and managing director at We Brought Beer, said: “Deliveroo offers us a really simple way to deliver amazing beers to our local neighbourhood. Before using Deliveroo we were unable to offer a delivery service, like many independent outfits we didn’t have the resources or manpower to make it happen.”

Philip Beaven, managing director at The Sampler, added: “We’ve been astounded by the early adopters for this service and it continues to grow week on week.”

Additional standalone alcohol merchants that will be available on Deliveroo include Albion Wine Shippers, Fine Cocktails, Caps and Taps, White Lyan and Jeroboams.