Deliveroo has issued its own call to the Government to simplify the business rates system, and produced new data showing that 41,000 restaurants across England will hand over £1.5bn in business rates in just two years.

Statistics produced by Gerald Eve for Deliveroo showed that 12,000 small restaurants saw bills rising by up to 10.7% this year. Some larger restaurants have seen bills rise by as much as 36%, having already seen their rates jump by a staggering 44.8% last year. Next year rates for smaller restaurants could rise by as much as 12.5%, with some larger restaurants seeing increases of over 50%.

In a survey of Deliveroo’s partners, restaurant have told Deliveroo that business rates is currently one of their top three concerns that is holding back the industry.

Dan Warne, Deliveroo UK and Ireland managing director, said: “Britain’s restaurants up and down the country are an integral part of people’s daily lives, whether customers are dining in or ordering out. They contribute to the lifeblood of our communities, create thousands of jobs and Deliveroo is proud that our growth means more business for them.

“But too many restaurants - from national chains to independent stores - tell us they are struggling with sky high business rates that are increasingly complex. Deliveroo already works with our restaurant partners to understand the support available but action is needed to protect this vital sector and the jobs it supports.”