Kaspa’s, the c50-strong desert parlour franchise, is aiming to reach 80 sites this year, with six openings lined up for April, MCA has learnt.

Co-founder and chief executive Azhar Rehman said the group would open in Sittingbourne, Bolton, Bexleyheath, Lincoln and Edinburgh in April.

Rehman, whose co-founder is managing director Diljit Brar, said he expected 2019 to be an even bigger year of growth for Kaspa’s, with as many as 50-60 new openings.

Kaspa’s is linked with Goldex Investment Group, which operates c70 Costa Coffee franchise stores.

Rehman told MCA: “The demand is there, it’s something that wasn’t available to people before. People were used to deserts, ice cream from the supermarket, but there wasn’t a place under one roof where you could eat it.

“It’s treated like a restaurant experience but you don’t have to spend too much when you come to us. You can come with your family and spend £20 or £30 for everyone, in a nice clean environment.

“Kids can come safely without drinking, parents don’t mind. It’s a happy environment.

Rehman added: “Next year will be even bigger for us. Each year we are growing. In 2019 we could be targeting 50 or 60 shops.”