Costa has launched its debut ‘post-coronavirus’ store on London’s Argyll Street.

With a street-facing counter – delivering service for customers who aren’t willing to enter the store itself – hand sanitiser stations, and a socially distanced seating set up, the store has been designed as a “post-covid space.”

The site will also support a series of digital elements, including the option to pre-order and pay through the Costa Coffee club app, an outdoor order screen and deliveries through UberEats.

“The Argyll Street store is a unique space situated within an old building just off Oxford Street. It was the perfect location to trial a new store design as we continue to explore a post COVID-19 space,” said Costa global retail director Connie Emerson.

“We have re-imagined a new store focus. One where visitors to the store can meet friends and take time out in our warm and relaxing seating areas, and give those looking to just grab a coffee on the go a quick and easy limited contact service through a re-designed digital-only ordering service.”